Hire A Chief Engineer

What Does A Chief Engineer Do?

A Chief Engineer is responsible for the entire engineering department and will oversee its safe and efficient operation.

The Chief Engineer will report directly to the Captain and will manage all the engineers and electricians, as well as any other crew who form the engineering department. The Chief Engineer will get involved with the day-to-day duties of maintaining the mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht, while supervising the team and ensuring all planned maintenance takes place. Duties will involve:

  • Overseeing ultimate safety for engine room operations
  • Maintaining the yacht’s entire engineering operations
  • Managing and directing engine repairs and refits
  • Managing, training and delegating to all engineers and deck crew
  • Engineering inventory
  • Panning maintenance schedule and overseeing all operations/systems
  • Communicating and liaising with on-shore maintenance and engineers
  • Sourcing, purchasing and maintaining a budget for parts for the yacht

A Chief Engineer will be very technically-minded and have strong problem solving skills. The Chief Engineer’s main objective is to keep the yacht’s mechanical side running without any problems, and on smaller yachts, it’s not unusual for the Chief Engineer to be required to assist on deck, particularly with regards to docking and anchoring operations. Advanced knowledge of all on-board systems is essential, and he/she will demonstrate an aptitude for planning and prioritizing preventative maintenance. He/she will be able to multitask, will be able to delegate and train, maintain a good network of contractors, and demonstrate expertise with accounting.

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