Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants offer administrative support to key members of a company’s business
operations. Professionals working in this occupation are often assigned a manager or other
employee of responsibility. Their job is to handle all clerical tasks for that person so that they may
focus on their core job function. For instance, an Administrative Assistant may answer phones,
return emails, type dictated letters, greet and help customers or other staff members when they
enter the office, file documents, and carry out research so that they can focus on their day.

Administrative Assistants have a varied and often high-pace job environment. As such, professionals
in this position have to be able to handle multiple tasks at once, budget their own time well, interact
professionally with all members of a company, and be very good communicators.


Administrative Assistant Job Duties:

  • Answer telephone and direct calls as appropriate
  • Receive and respond to email messages
  • Schedule meetings
  • Develop reports as requested
  • Perform research as needed
  • Maintain filing system
  • Act as communication relay, making sure all parties receive necessary information and that this information is accurate
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Create and reconcile the expense reports
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